celebrating our scouts

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from several different troops are part of Clinton UMC. This year, five of our scouts have been working on Gold Award and Eagle Scout Projects. You can see videos of all the scouts and their projects here (starting at 10:48).

peter Godshalk

Peter is renovating our gazebo near the river to freshen it up and make it more accessible. He is a Life Scout of Troop 51 in Phillipsburg. He is putting in new boards for the roof and making another entrance and ramp so people with wheelchairs can go into the gazebo. He also plans to replace the lattice underneath the gazebo and stain it. Peter is currently accepting funding for his project; for details click here.


Garrett is a Life Scout with Troop 191. He is updating the landscaping at the front of our North Hunterdon facility with new, low-maintenance bushes and flowers that will enhance curb appeal. This project will also make it easier to see existing signage at the front of the building. 

luke kluthe

Luke is a Life Scout with Troop 191. He is working with the Muscanetcong Water Association on improvements to the MWA trail in Asbury. Luke is building bridges where streams intersect the trail, adding signage to educate the community on the ecosystem, and clearing trail spots that are overgrown. When his project is complete, the trail will be safer and easier to navigate. 

gillian honeycutt

For her Gold Award, Gillian has been working with Trex to recycle soft plastics including bread bags and grocery bags. Trex takes soft plastics and recycles them into outdoor benches, reducing waste that ends up in landfills. As part of her Gold Award, Gillian is also educating the schools and local communities about recycling and alternatives to soft plastics. 

miranda corley

For her Gold Award, Miranda is making helping students succeed at school by making fidget boxes with different toys in them. These boxes are designed to as a tool to help middle students who face challenges with focusing. Her project also includes testing them with younger troops to ensure they are not too noisy or distracting.