Rev. Dr. Brandon Cho

Lead Pastor of Clinton United Methodist

Dear friends,

Greetings in the peace of Christ! Whether you are visiting us for the first time or have been part of our church family for years, we're glad you're here.

During this challenging season, here's how we're staying connected with God and each other: 

  1. Sunday worship services premiere online at 10 am each week. But you can watch anytime! Find us on the media page of this website, Facebook, and YouTube.
  2. For a limited time, we'll worship outdoors. Our next outdoor services are September 27 and October 4 at 9 am. 
  3. Community groups are meeting outside (with safety measures) or online.
  4. Youth ministry will be a blend of online and small outdoor gatherings.
  5. Children’s ministry resources will be available online. 
  6. We invite you to continue supporting the church with your prayers, (online) presence, and generous gifts through our Church app or Website. You can also add us to your online bill pay list or mail a check to the office. 
  7. If you or someone you know has a need, please call us at 908-735-7025 so that we can assist or suggest a resource for you.

Yes, our church building is closed for now. But you are the church. So stay connected with us, and then go and be an extension of our Lord’s care, faith, and hope. I'm praying for you! 


Pastor Brandon

PS: Check out our new COVID Resource Page for updates. 


    Your safety is our first concern! Due to the coronavirus threat, we're continuing to hold one worship service ONLINE at 10 am. Click on our media page and then on "watch a service." 

  • NORth HUnterdon thrift shop

    The North Hunterdon Thrift Shop is REOPENING August 8 and will begin taking donations August 10. The Thrift Shop offers clothing, home goods, and more to people who want to stretch their budget or reduce waste and pollution. Looking for something specific? Our friendly volunteers will help you find it. 

  • Online Campus

    Want to connect with Jesus and others? Our Online Campus is a safe space to explore your faith and share your life -- from the comfort of your living room.