plan your 2023 giving

Jesus talked more about money than he did about love. He knew that money can hold great power over our lives. It can drag us down our help us build God's Kingdom.

Why do you give to the church, and how does your giving affect your relationship with God? Click on the image to hear why Pastor Jess gives.


One hallmark of communities of faith is that they don't just receive—they give back to God and to others. 

As you pray about your financial commitment for 2023, check out our narrative budget that tells the story of our 2023 plans.




our stories

Financial gifts are just one way to support Clinton UMC. 

Click on the images to hear stories of what it means to our church family to "Put Your Whole Self In."

  • steve drew

    Steve Drew talks about how prayer helps us to "put our whole selves in": "If you show up, God does all the heavy lifting...It's not that I have to pray, I GET to pray. I'm grateful to talk to the Creator of the universe."

  • Jill puleo

    Jill Puleo talks about the importance of presence in helping us to "put our whole selves in: "I believe building relationships while serving the Lord is essential to growing your faith... I believe if we work together, we CAN change the world." 

  • mary fitzpatrick

    Mary Fitzpatrick says we can never outgive God and that our investment in the church makes more of a difference than we know. "I am personally so thankful for everyone that has kept supporting this church so that i could find another warm and welcoming family to belong to."

  • greg crawford

    Greg Crawford remembers that Jesus set an example of service for us when he washed the disciples' feet. "God calls us to love people," he says, "and for me, the best way to do that is to serve."

  • jane treece

    Jane Treece says, "I love God, and I love Jesus...." She told of sharing love through the Thrift Shop, through Father's Day cards at a local restaurant, and through many ministries. "When we love the Lord, we touch people."  

are you ready to put your whole self in?

Because you give, Clinton UMC can share the love of Jesus with long-time friends and new ones alike.  

You can share your intention to give by bringing your pledge card to Consecration Sunday November 20, mailing your card, or filling out our online pledge form here